Silver Jubilee Club

President: James Bowman, CBE

Thank you!

The Silver Jubilee Club was launched to celebrate Fiori’s 25th anniversary. A group of like-minded people who share a love of music, the Silver Jubilee Club encourages and supports Fiori Musicali’s mission of bringing beautiful music to the Heart of England and beyond.
Membership is open to all who would like to give more to support Fiori.
Benefits to Silver Jubilee Club members include:

  • Thanks and acknowledgment in Fiori’s printed programme;
  • Complimentary tickets to the Silver Jubilee Club’s principal sponsored event for the season;
  • A chance to choose the events members may wish to support;
  • An annual Silver Jubilee Club lunch, and other social occasions;
  • All the benefits of being a Friend of Fiori Musicali are also automatically included.

Membership is by Gift Aid donation to the Fiori Musicali Charitable Trust – members donate from £250 per person. Patrons donate £1,000 or more, which can be towards a specific activity or concert.
Membership is for the financial year April to March, and we are grateful to those who subscribe in advance for the forthcoming year, particularly through The Big Give – and especially to our benefactor Jason MacQueen and to the Reed Foundation for enabling us to match these subscriptions £ for £. We also thank our Supporters (£100+) and the Friends of Fiori Musicali (£50).
Patrons, other members of the Silver Jubilee Club and our Supporters are listed below:


  • June Barrett
  • Angus Bowie
  • Tom & Christine Clay
  • Peter Crisp & Jeremy Crouch
  • Geoffrey & Brenda Dannell
  • Mike & Sue Doolan
  • Terry & Christina Dougan
  • Judith Duck
  • Mike & Penny Eves
  • Stephen Finn
  • Bruno & Mavis Giordan

  • Alistair & Jane Gough
  • Jeremy & Meriel Greenhalgh
  • Malcolm & Ursula Harper
  • Ann & Laurence Kieran
  • Peter Lawson
  • Jason MacQueen (Benefactor)
  • Susan & Stephen Neville
  • Henry & Suzanne Newman
  • Stewart & Susan Nicholls
  • Anthony Ramsden
  • Roland & Fiona Rawlings
  • Dave & Lesley Scott
  • Graham & Sally Smith
  • Rachel & Francis Terry
  • Susan & Stanley Trafford
  • Francis & Eileen Tresham
  • Patricia Wakeford
  • Peter & Catherine Wakeford
  • Stanley & Judy Ward
  • Mireya & Alan Weaver
  • Johanna White



  • Cathy Amato-Tindall
  • Michael & Wendy Bailey
  • Graham & Liz Dixon
  • Odette Dowding
  • Charles & Anna Fox
  • Peter & Helen Hacking
  • David Johnston
  • Peter & Elisabeth Jupp
  • John Martin
  • Keith Masson
  • Mary Middleton
  • Malcolm & Ann-Marie Rivers
  • Charlotte Way
  • Liz & Conrad Woolley

Donations can be made by debit or credit card through The Big Give. Matching funds will be available in this year’s Christmas Challenge, but unmatched donations can be made at any time. With tax uplift through Gift Aid, donations made to Fiori Musicali are enhanced by +25%.

Donate now

For more details, please contact Bernard Rapson on 01327 361380 – – or write to Fiori Musicali at Bank Cottage, Preston Capes, Northamptonshire NN11 3TD.