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Grace Davidson Soprano Fiori Musicali

Grace Davidson is a soprano extraordinaire. Not only do Fiori celebrate 30 years of since their founding but 2013 is also the 10th year that they have been performing with Grace.

The decade has seen excellent collaborations between Grace and Fiori. This weekend you can see them perform Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate and for the first time in the UK (according to Fiori), Crux Fidelis by Koželuch, a composer of the same time as Mozart.

Firm friends

Apparently we have another wonderful soprano, Emma Kirkby, to thank for the union.

It was 2003 and the day of Fiori’s concert at Stationers’ Hall. With a rehearsal and concert that evening, panic ensued when the soprano involved in the performance lost her voice!

Penelope called her friend Emma seeking a recommendation for a possible replacement with the quality and style to suit Penelope and Fiori. As chance would have it this great new voice, Grace Davidson, was studying with Emma.

The rest, as they say, is history.

More about Grace

Grace Davidson soprano Fiori musicali Fotheringhay

Believe it or not, Grace might easily have been known in a very different capacity had it not been for a scholarship to The Royal Academy of Music.
Whilst waiting to hear from the Academy, Grace was accepted into Pru Leith’s infamous School of Food and Wine as a training chef just after leaving school!

 “Had it not been for my acceptance into The Royal Academy of Music, I would have seriously considered a career as a chef.”

“I really loved cooking and it’s a real life skill.”

But having started out playing violin and piano, Grace found her strength in singing and has been very lucky since leaving the Academy.

She worked closely with Penelope when producing her 2007 first solo album, A Portrait.

“It was an opportunity to put some of my favourite music in the world together. It was a real treat”.

Grace counts herself lucky to be able to have such versatility in her work on great pieces of music by great composers and musicians. She’s worked on Grammy award winning work, in several Hollywood films and is in high demand. But it’s nice to hear a certain warmth in her voice when she speaks about working with Penelope and Fiori.

“Penelope has really taken me under her wing and is such a kind supporter. Fiori have such a lovely following.”

There’s obviously a very strong relationship as it’s evident that the feeling is mutual. After all, the collaboration is made several times a year.

“It’s a very special part of what I do. Penelope finds really wonderful repertoire and I’m billed so generously”

Speaking of this weekend’s performance Grace mentioned:

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the church (Fotheringhay). It’s got a lovely pub right next to it too!”

Although apparently Mozart can be ‘a little tricky’, I get the feeling that this special partnership will provide a special evening.

Interesting facts about Grace

  • Grace has worked on huge blockbusters The Great Gatsby, Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (where she was an evil mermaid) and Prometheus. She loves the film work and looks forward to doing more!
  • Grace works with saxophonist Christian Forshaw and composer and conductor Eric Whitacre
  • Grace is nipping back from holiday to perform on Sunday and rejoin her family afterwards.


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